Lluvia Nail Couture
-The Start of the Revolution.

You can be confident telling your clients that you have selected only the finest professional system of products to create the most beautiful, durable results. Our low-odor, cosmetic-grade products contain only the highest quality ingredients available, developed with innovative science and manufacturing processes, to achieve unsurpassed workability and durability.

Finally, a sculpting system designed to meet both the needs of the artist and the demands of the salon. Our exclusive formulas apply the latest technology, innovative science and years of championship expertise.

Lluvia Beauty’s family of powders and liquids are formulated to perform perfectly — together. In fact, when used in combination, we guarantee our products’ performance – unconditionally.

Our exclusive powders and liquids have been designed with one idea in mind: To put the science of professional nail care in the service of you, the nail artist.

We offer two distinctive sculpting liquids providing varying set speeds to match your artistic style.
Our specially formulated white powders are designed to set harmoniously with our pink, natural and clear powders so they dry at approximately the same moment.
Lluvia sculpting powders also undergo a unique process to improve how well they absorb with our sculpting liquids for consistently perfect results – and no bubbles!
Our unique Nudit — corrective sculpting powders are unlike anything available: A collection of pink and white sculpting powders designed to complement any skin tone. Nudit — hides flaws and enhances the natural look of nails, creating the ultimate in French manicures. Finally — a powder that promises to deliver perfect nails on even the most challenging clients!
We offer exceptional prep products, brushes, sculpting tools, files and top coats to satisfy the most demanding artist and client